Spider Web Art



Spider web art is a great project for children and an affordable way to change up your Halloween decor.

The delicate and intricate geometric shapes of a spider’s web can be preserved and enjoyed with only a few materials and a little practice.
Can of varnish or clear spray paint

Gently spray your paper with spray glue or hair spray making it slightly tacky but not wet. Gently spray the web with the spray paint. Make sure the spray does not damage the web but only covers it with paint. You will have to act quickly since the spray dries quickly. The most difficult part is next and will usually require a bid of patience. Place the sprayed tacky piece of paper behind the web and gently bring it into contact with the web. Carefully cut the strands of the web. Finally to preserve the web, spray the paper with the attached web with a protective coat of varnish. Frame to preserve. Now you can display the interesting geometric patterns of your own spider web for months to come.

Materials Needed

Sheet(s) of black paper or white paper (construction paper or heavier work best)
Can of hairspray or spray glue (to make your paper a bit tacky)
Can of white spray paint or black spray paint (on white paper)

First find a few spider webs. This should be relatively easy since spiders usually build a new one every day. The following procedure can be tricky and will need a bit of practice so it’s good to find several webs. First make sure the web is not being used by its builder.

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