Tissue Poms

Tissue poms are a great way to add fun, color & whimsy to your party (or even a bedroom, nursery or playroom). They are easy & affordable to make. No need to buy them, they are really easy to make & take only a couple of minutes each. I even have had my 6 year old make them! Martha Stewart has a great tutorial here. I have found that pipe cleaners work better than wire, as wire can tend to rip the tissue (maybe because I use dollar store tissue!). I usually buy my tissue at the dollar store! You can make numerous poms out of a $1 pack of tissue. They even work with used/old tissue, just flatten it out a bit. Cutting the ends differently creates different effects. You can even make little ones for garland, napkin rings, whimsical flowers, etc.


  1. Carolyne says

    I love pom poms too! They make everything look so festive! I am so glad I found your shop/blog!

  2. Cap Creations says

    They look lovely! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. SoBella Creations says

    I love Pom Poms!

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