Guest Blogger Tutorial: Paper Pinwheel Centerpiece

We have another great post from Mariah over at Giggles Galore as she gets ready for her Easter Egg Hunt this weekend! I can’t wait to see it!!!

I love pinwheels.  They are so whimsical as they spin around, their colors whirring together; a true childhood delight.  They are also simple to make and add the perfect touch of whimsy to a spring party.

I am working on details for our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt party and decided to use pinwheels as centerpieces for the kids’ tables.  These festive pinwheels make a wonderful centerpiece and double as a toy for the kids to play with and take home.

Items you will need to make the pinwheels:

  • Dimple Prints patterned paper & coordinating solid color paper
  • Scissors
  • Push-pin or brads
  • Dowel or pencils with erasers

You can make the pinwheels as large or small as you would like.  I cut my paper into 5 1/2” squares. 

I wanted my pinwheels to be bright and colorful so I glued coordinating solid colored paper onto the back of the patterned paper.  You can skip this step, or if I had been thinking I would have made double sided copies of the patterned paper from the printable package.

Fold the bottom left corner up to the top right corner so you have a triangle.  Fold it again corner to corner so you have a smaller triangle.

Unfold and with your scissors cut along the fold lines about half way up.

Bring every other corner to the center and push your pin or brad through to secure.

Now take your dowel or pencil and push the pin through to secure.   Now you have a twirly, whirly pinwheel ready for some fun!

I took metal pails I found at Target Dollar Spot (love that place!) and added banner circles with the bunny, chick and lamb to the front. 

Next, place a piece of floral foam in the bottom.  Stick your pinwheels in and cover with tissue paper.  I added a few plastic eggs to complete the look.   Now you have a whimsical centerpiece that is perfect for any spring party!

*I also made some bigger pinwheels (the one in the center) using my Cricut and the template from here.  I used a cupcake topper and attached it to the center for some added pizzazz.

So cute Mariah! Thanks for sharing!! We can’t wait to see your other Easter projects soon!

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