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Most of you come to visit us or first discover us because you may be planning your child’s ever sacred first birthday party or birthday parties thereafter. The day I had my son I was already plotting his baseball birthday party and the things I wanted to incorporate into the theme. I had projects and supplies stacked in our office for months that I worked on each week. It was quite a project, but so worth it in the end. When the big day came, everything went smoothly and I had it all ready to go in advance. After the party I put together a Shutterfly book of his first year, ending with the birthday party we threw him.

We all wish our birthday parties for our kids could be over the top huge celebrations, but reality is that it takes a professional party planner, nanny, and medication (tee hee hee) lot of hardwork and a lot of money to put parties like that on. And rather than settling for store bought decorations, DimplePrints has created great ways for you to make your party special without breaking the bank. Here are some party planning tips and sites that can help you get ideas:

1. Start EARLY!! Don’t procrastinate! If you want your party to be one of a kind with a small budget, you need to start in advance. Start with one small craft or project at a time to minimize the need to break the bank and your schedule with trying to do everything last minute. By starting early you can take that 40% off Michael ’s or JoAnn ’s coupon every pay period and apply it to one thing you want or purchase to make for your party.

2. Pick your theme, colors, patterns or otherwise and start researching things you want to incorporate into your party. And no, you don’t have to have a theme. You can do green polka dots and call it a theme. You can get creative and use “things that go POP” as a theme (I’ve seen it!!). Great places for inspiration include Pinterest, Google Images, as well as party planning sites like Catch My Party and Creative Party Place where people can list their parties by theme.

3. Make a list of all the things you need to do and a timeline in which you want to complete them. This will help you stay on track and not lose your momentum or your inspiration. Again, signing up for Pinterest is SO helpful because it allows you to keep a place where all the online sites and inspiration you found can be located all at once. Email me if you need an invitation!

4. Try to make things yourself! YOU CAN DO IT!! There are so many fun craft blogs that will teach you how to make your own party décor. One of my favorite crafting blogs is TaterTotsandJello and if you write Jen on Facebook with party planning ideas, she usually posts it so her 10,000 facebook fans can reply with their suggestions on things you can do for your party. Additionally, she has a lot of link parties where people submit their weekly crafts (which she showcases!!) and it is a great way to search for craft ideas sure to make your party special. Additionally, Jen has a lot of other equally amazing women bloggers who’s sites will knock your socks off and inspire you to be a better homemaker in general!!

5. Use DimplePrints (DUH!!) We have everything in our party packages that you could ever possibly need for a special party. The nice thing about our packages is that you have the ability to use as much or as little as you want to and you can put it all together yourself.
6. Be creative. Being over the top doesn’t mean spending $10,000 on a party. It means including those little things that other people never thought of or saw before. Things like wrapping your water bottles or juice boxes with cute matching wrappers. Or putting together nice little favor bags that go with your theme…even if it’s just with some gum or candy in it.

**As a funny side note–I googled “be creative” for this part and this is one of the first images I saw. I kinda like it…and it’s creative!! Definitely something I’ve never seen before LOL.

7. It’s all in the details (kind of going with #6 already). Creating a unique, memorable, and one of a kind party is all in the little details that you include. Make your guests go, “WOW” by creating an atmosphere that shows how much hard work you did and how much you appreciate them coming to celebrate with you. Often it’s more of an awe inspiring event when they know you did it all yourself, rather than those huge elaborate parties that are planned by professionals. Again, DimplePrints’ packages help you not to forget those ever important awing details!!
8. Ask for help! Enlist in the help of your super crafty sister in law or your mother that’s an excellent baker. Who says you have to BUY a cake? Make your own cupcakes! Even if they’re not perfect, people will admire that you tried and you’re doing something special for your guests! Don’t feel like it’s all up to you.

9. Take pictures…take LOTS of pictures. What difference will it make to your one year old if you do all this hard work for them, but have nothing to show them later in life? Take pictures and stash them away at some point to share with them so they can appreciate how much you did for them and still do. OHHH and send your DimplePrints party pictures to us so we can share them with our readers! I’m a personal fan of Shutterfly, but you don’t see the corporate logo on this page, do you (meaning my opinion is my own)???

**Yes, this is a real thing and the real logo and a t-shirt. Google it!! I’m totally in the club, but with a crappy camera

10. Have FUN! Don’t go all Real Housewives of New York on your family because something doesn’t go right (yep, I’m totally addicted to RH series!). In the end remember that you are doing something fun and that even with it’s imperfections it’s going to be a moment to remember with your family.

Happy Planning!!! xoxoxo

My name is Carli, owner, designer & creative mind behind DimplePrints. I am married to my high school sweetheart & we have 3 wonderful kids. In the beginning I simply started by wanting to share a piece of our lives with loved ones by sending cards & invitations for special occasions. With the support of family, friends & great customers, it has grown into Dimpleprints.


  1. Great post – your steps make it seem so much easier! I have a daughter’s 11th, a son’s 15th and my 40th – all in 2 months – if I start now maybe I won’t be insane after!

  2. Tiffany says

    My almost 6-yr-old loves watermelon and really thought it’d be fun for the party theme. I looked for quite a while for cake ideas and party decor and I came across your site. Bingo! Ideas for a perfect watermelon party! With these great ideas and a watermelon rolling contest, we are going to have a blast. I added your site to my “favorites”! Thanks

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