Top 10 DimplePrints parties of 2011

WOW, what an amazing year 2011 was…it flew by for our family, as did the month of December and Christmas. {Side note: I apologize for the brief hiatus I took last week, I was busy getting ready for Santa to make an appearance in our household, which proved to be a very time consuming event as many of you can sympathize.} I’ve almost been blogging for DimplePrints for year now and I’ve witnessed some of the most creative people out there in that time and amazing things they do for their children’s birthday parties.

SO I’d love to showcase mine and Carli’s picks for best DimplePrints parties of 2011! We limited the choices to everything non-holiday related and kept it to one party per customer (since some customers submitted multiple parties for us).

Let’s do the countdown New Year’s style and start with party #10.

#10 Cookies and Milk Party

What we love about this party: gorgeous blue cabinet as background, cut out food card labels, and the gorgeous desserts!

#9 Sesame Street Party (from customer, Stephanie)

What we love about this party: the adorable cake, the gorgeous character cookies, the party tables and favors, the cardboard cutouts scattered throughout the party, and best of all…the fact that Elmo himself made a stop by their house (my toddler would be SO excited!).

#8 Candy Shoppe Party (from customer, Sharee)

What we love about this party: the candy bar is amazing (any child’s dream), the bright colors and balloons, the cake is to die for, and the gumball machine favors are a perfect touch.

#7 Baseball Party (from customer, Kristen)

What we love about this party: the photography is really amazing, the little baseball cake pops, the baseballs supporting the cake stand are a lovely touch, how authentic the whole party felt from an outsiders standpoint (and a fellow baseball party aficionado myself).

#6 Pink Giraffe Party (from customer, Meagan)

What we love about this party: the adorable birthday cake, the girlishness to the whole party without being cutesy, the giraffe blankets with bows used as favors (or prizes), the choice of flowers as accents, and the hints of yellow scattered throughout the party really look nice.

#5 Little Red Wagon (from customer, Michele)

What we love about this party: the pinwheels as backdrop of the food table are wonderfully whimsical, the little red wagon cookies were a nice touch, I ADORED the personalized little red wagon coloring books that she made as favors.

#4 Airplane Party (from customer, Mariah)

What we love about this party: the backdrop of this table is adorable with the 3D clouds, the suitcase addition was brilliant, and the games and kids crafts were super creative.

#3 Yellow Polka Dot Giraffe Party (from customer, Alexandria and featured on Amy Atlas)

What we love about this party: ummm…everything?? this party is gorgeous and so bright and airy, the photography is absolutely stunning and the hostess hit every detail on the head. The cake was so pretty and my favorite photo was one of her little girl holding an enormous bundle of balloons…a photo that will surely be a wonderful memory of her first birthday. I’m in total party envy!!

#2 Vintage Firetruck Party (from customer, Angela and featured on Amy Atlas)

 What we love about this party: the adorable fire truck cake, the gorgeous chocolate covered Oreos from my favorite lady–Kim of Sweeties by Kim (I used her cookies for my son’s party too), the fondant cake toppers from another favorite Cookie Covers, and the adorable suitcases that were used on the dessert table…amazing party.


#1 Ice Cream Social Party (from customer, Melissa)

What we love about this party: this party is stunning, definitely my favorite party of the year. Melissa did not miss ANYTHING when she planned this party. Every ice cream topping was neatly labeled, the backdrops of the tables were gorgeous and fun, the pinwheels added the perfect touch, and the cake pops were adorable. This party gets an A++ for creativity.

Amazing parties from 2011, right? Well here are some honorable mentions that we couldn’t go without sharing…

Woodland Owl Sip n See (from customer, Rebecca)

Bumblebee Baby Shower (from customer, Rebecca)

Wonderland Par-tea (from customer, Life.Love.Photography)

 Thanks to all of our amazing customers that made 2011 so great. Keep your gorgeous parties coming (by submitting to [email protected]) and let us know which DimplePrints parties were your favorites from 2011.
Happy 2011 and hope your 2012 is amazing!!!!
My name is Carli, owner, designer & creative mind behind DimplePrints. I am married to my high school sweetheart & we have 3 wonderful kids. In the beginning I simply started by wanting to share a piece of our lives with loved ones by sending cards & invitations for special occasions. With the support of family, friends & great customers, it has grown into Dimpleprints.


  1. Thanks for including me in such a great round-up of Dimpleprints parties!

  2. Thank you so much for selecting Preslie’s party as one of your top ten of 2011! 🙂 Let’s see what 2012 has in store! 🙂

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