Carli’s Star Wars Party

Ever wonder how the DimplePrints owner herself, Carli, puts together parties? Well, let’s just say she’s not only good at designing the printables for them, but she’s an amazing and creative planner too–you know, in her free time between taking care of three kids and a roaring Etsy shop! Remember her Superhero Birthday Party that we featured last year? Amazing. This year it seems her son wanted a superhero of another sort with a Star Wards themed birthday party and once again, Carli did not disappoint. Check out Carli’s Star Wars birthday party for her son (please note that these printables are not available for sale):

 Do you see that? That’s a CAKE!!! An R2D2 cake that Carli’s Aunt made. All I can say is WOW.
 I wish I could insert some little quip making reference to Star Wars, but I’m at a loss. 🙂 I’m not too knowledgeable on Star Wars, but I can still appreciate a great party when I see one.
 Cupcake Toppers by Edible Details

 Some details on the food:

Princess Leia cupcakes
Wookie Cookies
Veggie Sabers
Obi Won Corn-Obi (for the popcorn)
Tie fighters
Force Cakes
Luke light sabers
Carbonite jello
Star Wars snacks
Light sabers
Death star crispies
Wompa water
Bobba Fett fritos
 How cute are these cupcakes???
 Haha….I love the guy trapped in the jello
 Nice spread, huh? And I really like how all the food is aptly named.
Light Sabers for favors–which were really pool noodles! Cut foam pool noodles & use duct tape to add detailing, cheap to do, around $.50 each (or less)!
 Carli’s family with the little one on the way at that point (I wish I looked that good pregnant!). Carli made the adult Jedi robes and her MIL made the kids Jedi robes.Such a fun idea and looks like the birthday boy was pretty happy.
I always enjoy looking at Carli’s parties. If you have any questions for Carli about the party, let us know!
My name is Carli, owner, designer & creative mind behind DimplePrints. I am married to my high school sweetheart & we have 3 wonderful kids. In the beginning I simply started by wanting to share a piece of our lives with loved ones by sending cards & invitations for special occasions. With the support of family, friends & great customers, it has grown into Dimpleprints.


  1. Ok, those Princess Leia cupcakes are too much!! Love it!

  2. Ashley says

    Hi, what a cute party!

    How did you make the SW sign for the backdrop? I’m throwing my hubby a surprise 40th party with a Star Wars theme and am having troublr with the backdrop. Thanks! !

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