Bride/Groom Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Last weekend I did my friend’s bridal shower, we did a “Love Sweet Love” theme and had tons of special desserts made up for the event. If you didn’t catch my the shower, you can check it out HERE. I showed you how I made my Bridal Shower Lace Chocolate Covered Oreos and now I thought I’d share you a quick and easy crowd pleasing dessert that never fails…Bride and Groom Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

I’ve made these little beauties for two bridal showers now and they are always a huge crowd pleaser and people think they are so hard to make, but I’ve got a secret…they’re pretty easy to do!

Here’s all you need:
White chocolate (about two bags)
Milk or Dark Chocolate
Icing bags with tips or chocolate decorating bottles (Wilton makes good ones)
Sprinkles or other decorations
Wax paper

1. Start by washing your strawberries off and then drying them gently with a paper towel. You don’t want to have excess water on them that will ruin your chocolate (water and chocolate don’t mix!).

2. Start with your bride strawberries. Pick about a dozen strawberries that are similar in size and then pick another dozen similar in size. I usually group the larger ones together and the smaller ones together. The smaller ones I use for the bride strawberries and the larger for the groom…only makes sense, right?!

3.  From there I melt my white chocolate in a microwaveable bowl. I take the smaller strawberries and dip the whole berry up to a less than a quarter inch from the top of the stem. I do this for all of the strawberries and place them on wax paper to harden while I’m dipping.

 For the bride strawberries, dip the whole thing.
 Place on wax paper and let harden.
Your undecorated strawberry will look like this.
4. After the berries have hardened, you can use your decorating bag and small tip to put some chocolate into the bag and drizzle it in a “V” on the front of the strawberry. While the chocolate is still wet, I sprinkled the berries with some little beads of white pearl sprinkles to make it more wedding-like.
And tada! You’ve finished the bride strawberries. Set them aside and let’s start the groom strawberries.
5. The groom strawberries are a little more work, but nothing too hard. Again, take your white chocolate, but this time only dip the front side of the strawberry for the groom. This dip would essentially be making the white shirt on the front of the groom.
6. After all the fronts are dipped and have dried/hardened, melt your milk or dark chocolate in another bowl. This time, dip the berry in a V pattern leaving the “dip” in the V on the front of the white “shirt” of the berry. Dip one half of the strawberry at a time diagonally to create the “tux” on the berry. Place the groom berries on wax paper.
7. Use your white chocolate icing bag to create buttons at the bottom of the V of the strawberry. Then put some milk or dark chocolate in another icing bag to create a little bow tie on the groom strawberries.
8. The bow tie is created by making two tiny little triangles that meet in the middle.
See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?! Trust me, these are a sure thing at any bridal shower and will leave your guests very happy because they are not only adorable, but they are also super tasty.
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  1. This version of chocolate covered strawberries would make a great addition to a bridal shower or wedding dessert table. I like the combination of the two, representing both the bride and groom. I guess for a more bride focused shower, the bride strawberries might be enough. You could also change the drizzle color to match the bridesmaid dresses. Thanks for sharing.

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