Love Sweet Love Bridal Shower

This past weekend I had the honor of assisting a friend’s sister with her bridal shower. I offered to do the dessert table knowing that that was my favorite part of party planning. The theme of the shower was “Love Sweet Love” and we wanted to make it simple, classic, and SWEET! The colors were the colors of the bride’s wedding in May, coral and champagne. Since the shower wasn’t at my house, I tried to make it as easily moveable as possible, so in some cases it limited my ideas a bit (because you should have seen all the stuff I brought with me!), but it still turned out fun and knocked the guests socks off….and more importantly the bride loved it.

Before I dive in more I want to give a special thanks to the vendors who sent stuff for the shower:

DecoPOMS for their gorgeous coral and cream pom’s that I hung over the dessert table. Let me just say, Aidreen the shop owner and I had a miscommunication (I miscommunicated LOL) the date of the shower and two days before the shower Aidreen over nighted me the package so I wouldn’t be without them. Now is that service or WHAT?! I was shocked that she’d go to that measure when it was clearly my fault. Her reasoning–the bride shouldn’t go without her poms! I love it. And they were gorgeous pom’s indeed. I can’t create anything like that!

For the shower favors, I used Tawnya, owner of The Pastry Tart Bakery on Etsy. Tawnya is like my long lost friend. She was SO much fun to work with and I had a blast chatting with her about the cookies and the shower through email. Tawnya sent AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS cookies that actually took my breath away when I opened the box…and she added some fun corset cookies to the mix too specially for the bride. I have found my cookie lady and Tawnya was great. Her cookies are equally tasty as they are beautiful.

For cake pops, I found Autumn of Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins on Etsy. Autumn was super fun to work with and has so many gorgeous cake pops in her shop. I opted to go with a simple coral cake pop with some pretty disco dust on them, but that’s easy for Autumn. She makes fun seasonal cake pops such as Leprochauns and Easter eggs, so be sure to check her out!!!

And last, but certainly not least, I found Your Cupcake Story on Etsy to help me with my fondant cupcake topper needs. We wanted a simple scalloped design with “I Do” on it and some pearly champagne balls to top the cupcakes with and Brenda totally delivered. They turned out amazing and they definitely completed my dessert table.

So there’s my tasty treats from vendors on the dessert table, let’s get a look at the whole che-bang.

For the party I used a white tablecloth with a champagne satin overlay that I purchased the fabric for and hemmed. The backdrop had to be simple and mobile, so I used a pretty wrapping paper I got from Target and then promptly ran out of after the first roll, so it was a little smaller than I had wanted, but sometimes you just have to make do.

I made this love sweet love sign using DimplePrints imperial trellis printables.

For the other “sweet” treats I made Lacy Chocolate covered Oreos (see previous post to this one for tutorial), as well as bride and groom chocolate covered strawberries. I got some hydrangea from Trader Joe’s and put them in white vases on the table for another simple, elegant wedding-like touch.

To create some height and distinction between the different desserts on the table, I used USPS postal boxes wrapped in white wrapping paper to help make a bigger statement. I regret not having more time to wrap the boxes in ribbon or another decoration, but there was a bit of a time crunch with this shower.

Bride and groom chocolate covered strawberries made by yours truly–tutorial coming soon.

The bride’s sister and hostess of the shower put together this gorgeous mimosa bar for the guests.

Here’s a photo of the bride with her corset cookie and enjoying a martini and some of the sweet parts of her love sweet love bridal shower. I had so much fun putting this shower together and working with some of the best vendors I’ve worked with to date. I can’t wait to get the chance to work with all of them again!!!

Special thanks to:


The Pastry Tart Bakery

Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins

Your Cupcake Story


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  1. This shower certainly lived up to its sweet theme! And the bride & groom strawberries are so cute. 🙂

  2. For my girlfriends bachelorette we got her a customized ‘born to be bride’ apron with her picture printed on the front, a personalized ‘bridezilla’ beer mug, and a elegant ‘bride’ t shirt that had her name custom printed on it.

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