Easy Easter Centerpiece

Hey everyone! Are you getting ready for Easter?! I’m about ready with groceries stocked and house half cleaned. I still have an Easter basket to assemble and some goodies to make yet, but there’s still a few more days!

I’m sure you’ve seen these out there before, but if you haven’t I thought I’d share with you a simple and easy Easter flower centerpiece that is sure to be festive and please your guests. AND it’s SO easy!

What you need:

Two vases that fit within one another leaving at least an inch or so in between

Jelly beans


Other Easter candy/decor of your choice


Make sure your vase is good and washed out so you can eat recycle the candy later. Then put a layer of jelly beans into the bottom. I used two bags of jellybeans of the Starbucks variety. Then I layered 8 peeps on top of my jelly beans around the outside of the vase. From there, I inserted my smaller vase into the larger one and kind of shimmied it around to get the jelly beans to rise up the sides a bit more.

Just insert the spring flowers of your choice from there and be careful with adding water.

EASY PEASY AND SO CUTE TOO! The only down side? Trying to keep your toddler from wanting to eat it!

I hop hope you all have a wonderful Easter! 🙂

My name is Carli, owner, designer & creative mind behind DimplePrints. I am married to my high school sweetheart & we have 3 wonderful kids. In the beginning I simply started by wanting to share a piece of our lives with loved ones by sending cards & invitations for special occasions. With the support of family, friends & great customers, it has grown into Dimpleprints.

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