SNAP Conference 2012

Wow, you guys. SNAP, Creativity at Your Fingertips 2012 is officially in the books. The weekend was a whirlwind. There’s so much to tell you about SNAP, so I thought I’d start with an overall wrap-up, then proceed later this week into the nitty gritty of the conference: the swag! the food! the treats! the speakers! the classes! the shopping!! the PEOPLE! the tulips!!! and much much more. Gosh, there’s so much to tell and I want to be sure to tell you about it in case you ever have an inkling to attend a blogging conference in the future.

So SNAP, what is it? Does it stand for something? Nope (not that I know of at least). SNAP was a conglomeration of 325 blogging ladies (and a few gentleman from what I hear) that all met in Lehi, Utah at the beautiful Thanksgiving Point. The theme of this year’s conference was “Just be You,” which was such a great point to drive home in a world of unsureness on the internet.

{Photo from House of Smiths}

When we arrived, we were greeted at registration by some of my absolute favorite bloggers. I was so nervous and then I saw Shelley of House of Smiths! You know, she’s been on HGTV and she’s FAMOUS for her gorgeous vinyl backsplash gray pantry. Shelley was AMAZINGLY nice and welcoming to me and I knew at that point that our weekend was going to be a blast.

Some amazing-ness that weekend occurred starting with our tour of the Tulip Festival taking place in Thanksgiving Point and a few photo opps for Jenny, Laura, and I.

We then got our first taste of SNAP that evening heading off for our first dinner there with all the ladies. Walking into a room of 300+ ladies a little late was bit intimidating, but I got to sit with some of my favorite bloggers that evening and chat with them.

Ohhh the people we met. I wish I had taken more photos with the lovely ladies I got to know (but I did get one with the amazingly nice, Jen, from Tatertots and Jello! And Ms. Mariah, from Giggles Galore!). Everyone was so nice and so kind. I truly believe you can attend this conference by yourself without knowing anyone and walk away with some amazing friends. I know I did.

Queen Bee Market?? SO fun! SOOO crowded. Only downside was we did have quite a wait in line at the end of it, but so worth it. There were some really unique and fun vendors there and I look forward to sharing my stash with you!

The classes, make and takes, swag, and more was  so fun. It’s hard to believe that the ladies that pulled this conference together were able to get so much free stuff for the attendees. The swag was out of control!! We had so much fun making flower arrangements, poppyseed project crafts, sunglasses cases, and getting to enjoy the swag in all the bags, which I am still sorting through!

THE SPEAKERS! OUT OF THIS WORLD. Wow, my most favorite bloggers all were gathered at one conference, all telling us what we could do to be better. How we could change things up to succeed. They inspired and taught us so much this past weekend. I tried hard to write it all down and take it all in and I hope to translate some of it to you at some point in time.  At the end of the conference we got treated to a special guest, Matt Townsend, who is absolutely hilarious and he taught us a lot about relationships and how to connect to people.

The treats and food were a home run, as well (I feel like all I keep saying is AMAZING!). Every meal was really good, there wasn’t any point where I was left hungry or treat-less. The “lunch” room area had a candy bar set up at it daily where you could fill treat bags full of whatever you liked. The dinners were classy and well catered and the last day we got to try out free Italian sodas!

So what did I take away from SNAP?
SNAP taught me that I’m not the only woman out there crafting and posting my stories on the Internet. In a state where blogging is relatively uncommon and none of my friends share my interest or passion for this, it was nice to be among ladies who just GOT it. They got it. They got me. They were mothers, wives, working and stay at home moms–just like me. They understood why I stay up late to write a blog post or finish a craft. They can sympathize with my passion for something some people just don’t get. They understand why it’s necessary to take 150 pictures of the stenciled wall you just did (LOL).
SNAP taught me it’s ok to be different. It’s ok to put yourself out there and be unique. It’s OK to have a style all of your own, even if it’s not trendy or on point right at that minute. The SNAP ladies taught me that they are passionate and invested in their blogs and that they appreciate their successes. They appreciate their readers or why else would they be attending a conference anyways? SNAP taught me that 300+ women CAN be together for a weekend and not cause drama (thank you very much real housewives of….all of them! on Bravo). Mostly, SNAP just made me good with me. It made me good with being a mom, being an employee, being a wife, being a blogger, and being a crafter. I CAN do all those things. Sometimes it may be hard, but I can do it. And I do it to share my own stories, successes, failures, and excitement with other ladies out there just like you. Even if it’s only 189 of you. That’s something, right?
In short, SNAP was an amazing weekend. Yep, there I said it…amazing again. I left feeling empowered, feeling proud of myself, and feeling inspired. I made some great new friends I’ll tell you more about this week, and I really went out of my way to be outgoing and meet as many ladies as I could.
If you ever want to start at a conference, I highly suggest starting at SNAP next year. I really hope I can make this conference an annual event to attend for myself and already look forward to 2013.
Later this week I’ll start showing you more about our weekend, the classes I took, and more. 🙂
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