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My name is Katie and I’m very excited to be contributing to the Dimple Prints blog! A big thanks to Carli for having me!
I just love helping clients pull together a unique celebration for their child and catering it to what they love most.  Along the way I’ve discovered a few items that some of you may have heard before, but I thought I’d share my favorite ideas and things to think about to make a kid’s party unique and easy.   Not only will the kids have a blast but parents will enjoy the unique ideas too and it will be easy for you to execute!
When pulling together your food, keep it simple.  Consider choices that your child loves and can be prepared ahead of time.  I love using snack cups at children’s parties.  These little cups are great for serving just about anything!  Pudding, trail mix, cereal, ice cream scoops, individual servings of veggies and dip.  Really anything you can imagine!  And the best part is you can put them in a cupcake pan and fill them ahead of time.  Then they’re ready to go and easy to transport to your table when guests arrive.
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Consider something sweet for guests (without giving the kids too much sugar of course!).  Most parties have some sort of dessert, so think outside the box here!  You can sometimes very easily turn your desserts into a creative hit that guests remember.  For instance, if it’s a music themed party you could cut your Rice Krispie treats into the shape of a xylophone as I’ve done in this photo for a graduation party.  Add some pretzel rods with marshmallows on the ends for mallets and you have “Marshmallet treats” for your guests to enjoy!


It goes without saying, but kids need some entertainment at their party.  If you’re throwing a cute themed party, get creative with your activities and tie them into the theme. It can be something as simple as sending all of your pirates or princesses on a treasure hunt for chocolate gold coins or plastic jewelry.  If you’re throwing a fairy party you could hire a face painter or ask a talented friend to paint pretty designs on each
child’s face.

It’s also fun to consider a craft to keep kids busy and have something to take home with them.  With a butterfly themed party you could have kids fill plastic snack bags with your food of choice and then decorate a clothes pin to pin in the middle to resemble a butterfly.

Juggling with Kids

When planning your décor it’s great to begin with your theme.  This may seem obvious, but think about what items go with it.  For instance, if your child loves trains, maybe you could use trains in the actual décor.  Perhaps find a plastic train set and the cars could carry food or flowers or small favors for each child.

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The details of the party really help make it feel special.  Brainstorm ideas for signs, cupcake toppers, banners, hats, etc to tie everything together.  To make it easy you could use one of the party packages from Dimple Prints to complete your decor!

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Also, think about your child.  Since the party is to honor their birthday, consider featuring them in some way.  I love creating a banner out of ribbon and using clothes pins to display a photo from each year of the child’s life to show how they’ve grown and changed.  If they’re turning one you could highlight photos from each month of life.  You could also add a personal touch by putting their picture on cupcake toppers like the adorable ones below.

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I hope these ideas get you thinking in the right direction for your next child’s birthday. If you’re looking for more inspiration I encourage you to check out the out the Spring Garden Party I planned for Emma’s 6th birthday on my blog!
Thanks so much, Katie, for your first contributor post on the blog. Katie’s blog is Lucky Penny events and she shares some great party planning ideas, tips, and photos from her own styled parties. Katie lives right down the street from me in Ohio and I’m super excited to get to know her better and come up with more great ideas to share with you guys!
Katie Pethuyne is the Owner and Lead Designer and Planner for Lucky Penny Events located in Columbus, Ohio.  From a large wedding or corporate event to a small children’s party at home, Katie has a true passion for bringing together a unique and personalized celebration for each client.  In her spare time Katie can be found blogging about her experiences and ideas for event planning and styling on the Lucky Penny Events blog, exploring new restaurants, activities, and events in Columbus, or working on a fun craft or sewing project.  Katie is thrilled to be a contributor to the Dimple Prints blog and looks forward to getting to know their readers!


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