Customer Party: Splish Splash Theme

HEY everyone! We’re ALMOST through the work week! Hang in there! To celebrate summer, you’ll have to check out this super fun Splish Splash party submitted to us (Available in our shop HERE) by Kristen! She gave me some great details to share with you:

We had the party in our backyard out by my husband’s shop, which is his “mancave”. I decorated the porch area and had the food table and a few other tables outside with large fans set up to keep cool. Inside the mancave we had another table set up for extra seating when we ate and I covered our pool table with a tablecloth and set up the party favors there with room for gifts to be placed on it as well. The party favors included a sand bucket & shovel and inside was a beach ball, water gun and bubbles that I wrapped the water wraps around so they were personalized from Cullen.  We had three different stations set up for the kids to play at and I taped my signs on 5 gallon paint sticks to put in the ground. I hadn’t thought of the ground being so hard and not being able to put them in the ground so luckily we had some sand we used to put each sign in and it was actually pretty cute!   The first station was “Splish & Splash” which had three kiddie pools with noodles, floats, beach balls and water guns. We also put a little plastic playset at one of the pools for the kids to slide down the slide into the water and it was a hit!The second station was “Bubble Alley” which was between the pools and slip & slides and it had a small plastic pool filled with bubble solution and different size bubble wands to play with. I wasn’t sure if the kids would pay it much attention but they went over to it quite a bit. The third station was “Slip & Slide” and we had two slip & slides set up. Once they figured out how to go down them (or with the help of a few adults holding each hand to slide them down) they had an absolute blast!! I think this was their favorite station.We set up two tents, one of which was between the pools and the slip & slides, so the parents could be in the shade and keep an eye on the kids as well. We ate about an hour into the party and I tried to have some fun names for the food; hot dogs were “noodles”, chips were “sea crunch”, the mix was “fish food”. The mix was actually supposed to be the “sea crunch” that I found online but I named it “fish food” because of the goldfish in it. It consisted of honey teddy grahams, cheddar goldfish, pretzel sticks, m&m’s and raisins and it was delish! I had water bottles and tea for the adults and Roarin’ Water Capri Suns for the kids so they stayed nice and hydrated! I sent a copy of the invitation and my plans for the party to Lauren Burghardt who made the cake (and smash cake) and she did such a great job! She matched the décor of the cake so perfectly with the invitation and colors and not to mention it was absolutely delicious! You can check out more of her work and find out information by going to her facebook page, Burghardt’s Custom Cakes. The party was a huge success as everyone had a great time! The kids played more after lunch and all were ready for naptime (parents and kids!) by shortly after 1:00. I had so many compliments on the printables that you designed and I thank you so much for helping make such beautiful decorations for a party we will always remember!!


OMG Kristen, this party is like THE perfect summer party for kids! It’s gorgeous and you did such a great job. Thanks so much for sharing with us and using our prints for the big day!


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