Five Snow-Themed Activities Kids Will Love

We had lots of fun at my house doing holiday crafts in December so I hope to keep the good times rolling with some snow activities this winter! Even though it rarely snows in the south by the coast where I live the kids still love talking and learning about snow and doing snow crafts. I’ll just have to break the news gently that we’ll actually be making sand angels and sandmen this winter! I’m sure my 2 and 4 year old will be understanding since 2 and 4 years olds are such rational little creatures. Here are some fun activities we can do to help lessen the blow!

Marshmallow Snowman from Happy Home Fairy: I think my daughter will have a ball with this project, I mean, it involves glitter, paint, AND marshmallows, need I say more?

marshmallow snowman

Hand Print Snow Family from Learn Create Love: This is too adorable! My daughter actually made something like it on a glass ball ornament at school, it’s precious!

hand snowmen

Donut Snowman from Happy Clippings: This sweet treat will surely give my kids lots of energy for all these snow crafts!

snowman donuts

Snow Dough from The Imagination Tree: Since we can’t have real snow I think this will be the next best thing.

Snow Dough Snowballs

Snow Globe from Mommyapolis: My little ones are obsessed with snow globes, which is a bit of a problem since they’re breakable and my darling two year old loves to throw everything. He literally just broke a snow globe today while visiting my Mom. Oh Miles. So, you can probably guess what I love most about this snow globe craft!

snow globe

I hope y’all have ‘SNOW’ much fun creating!

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