15 Amazing Boy Party Ideas

Boys Birthday Ideas

A few weeks ago we highlighted some of our favorite GIRL Party Ideas…and this week we’ve rounded up some unique boy birthday party ideas. We try to think outside the ‘party’ box around here, so here are some unique and fun party themes that your son will love!


This goldfish party invitation is fun way to incorporate a theme without having to be too matchy matchy. If your child is anything like mine, he LOVES goldfish crackers as snacks. Incorporate them into the party food, give away real goldfish as favors (with parental permission) and use a variety of patterns in these colors to tie in the party decor. You can find the invitation HERE.


This crabby party is a different way to host a pool party or cookout. You can add some class to this kids party with bold stripes and americana colors to make it great for younger or older boys alike. You can find the full Preppy Crab Party HERE.


I am head over heels in love with this fishing printable that is new to the shop. Does your son LOVE the outdoors and all things fishing? This party idea gives you a great color palette to work with and a large variety of ways to incorporate food, decor, games, and favors…you could serve fish sticks, goldfish crackers, and root”beer” to your attendees OR send them with brown paper lunches. There are so many options with this party idea…go wild! HERE is the link to the invitation.


Planes, trains, and automobiles may not be a brand new theme, but it is a fun boys party idea. You have so many options with this theme and the gorgeous bright primary color palette and little boys and girls alike will enjoy all the fun party tie ins you can do with this. HERE is the link to the full party package.


We’ve seen some awesome firetruck birthday parties over the years from our customers…one even had a real fire truck show up to the party! The Vintage Firetruck package is another fun way to mix up the firetruck theme a bit and add a vintage twist! The full package can be found HERE.


Monsters aren’t just for Halloween…little boys, if they’re anything like mine, love monsters, so why not throw them a happy monster party full of surprises. You can find our full monster party package HERE.


I tend to LOVE this boys madras plaid, so this alligator party is so precious and eye catching to me. It’s another good way to have a “theme” to your party without having it overwhelm every detail. If you just want an underlying idea, but without having to get too themey, this party is perfect for you. A little preppy and tons of fun, you can play up the plaids and patterns for your party decor. You can find this party HERE.

sportsshower-21-575x410Have a sports lover in your family? You don’t have to just do ONE sport…do a whole sports themed party with cute pennant bunting and patterns mixed in! Get the invitation HERE.


Have a whale of a good time with a cute whale themed birthday party. This combo of navy, lime, and baby blue is so pretty…make waves as a dessert table backdrop, serve blue jello cups with swedish fish as treats…there are tons of possibilities. You can find this invitation HERE.

tricyclepennants211Does your son love to ride his tricycle? Have a three wheeled fiesta with this Tricycle Party package. This is one party package that a lot of people would never think of and it’s such a unique idea! You can find the full party package HERE.

pirateship-575x575Yo HO HO and a bottle of fun…celebrate your child’s birthday with this pirate package! The kids can come dressed in pirate gear, the food can all be in pirate language, they could have pool noodle sword fights…so fun. You can view the invitation here.

movietall-575x575Is your child a movie lover? Have an outdoor movie night with his friends…set up pillows, blankets, and provide a screening of his favorite movie. Food could be served movie theater style with nachos, popcorn, candy, soft drinks, soft pretzels, and more…a new twist on a party favorite! You can find the invitation HERE and download the package instantly HERE.

constructionnopic41We’ve seen some great construction parties from our customers over the years and it seems to be very popular with the little boys. For boys that like to dig and play in the dirt, this party is perfect! Use toys tractors to hold food, use construction cones and flags for decorations, and give out construction hats as favors! You can find the full party package here (also available in primary colors).

biplane6-575x575The sky is the limit for birthdays and this party will make you reach to the sky! I love the possibilities with this party package and the clouds make the perfect table decorations and dessert table backdrop! Give each child their own passport to birthday adventures, send them home with tiny luggage cases full of goodies…so many options with this birthday party! Full party package is HERE.

superhero_1pic-1-575x410Calling all Super Heroes! Dress in your favorite super hero costumer and come to the birthday boy’s secret lair for a “banging” party. Make DIY capes for all the guests as favors, use comics as party backdrops, and have fun with this party theme! Create your own city scape for the kids to take photos in front of…create a rope “web” to have them climb through…have a water balloon fight…so many options. You can find the full party package HERE.

Visit our shop for even more fun birthday party ideas for boys and girls.

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    The boy party ideas are just great for preparing for my grandson’s # 6. Thank you for the share!

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