Create a Fabulous Holiday Flower Centerpiece with Bouqs

Disclosure: Thanks to The Bouqs for sponsoring this post!

It’s the holiday season and as we’re all busy with shopping and gift giving, many of us may be getting ready for holiday parties with our families and friends. Just this weekend we worked on creating a Grinch themed birthday party for my daughter (details coming soon) and we were so excited to incorporate a gorgeous and festive holiday flower centerpiece into our party decor using Bouqs!

DimplePrints_BouqsFlowers11We got a chance to pick out some beautiful fresh flowers of our choice from The Bouqs and we were so thrilled with this gorgeous display of White Ranunculus with Green Ruscus called the “Frosty” bouquet on their online shop.

When the flowers arrived they were tightly packed and came with great instructions on getting your flowers out and set up to look beautiful. They’ll need some time to fully open up, so give them a day or two to fully reach their gorgeous potential! Peel off any loose or discolored petals on the flowers and follow the directions carefully to fully reach your Bouq potential!

DimplePrints_BouqsFlowers8We took these gorgeous white flowers and added them to a vase filled with ornaments and they made the perfect centerpiece for our Grinch Birthday party. It’s so simple to make a decorative bouquet like this…simply follow the instructions on your Bouqs delivery, grab one smaller vase that fits into one larger vase. Fill the smaller vase with water and your Bouqs stems and then place inside the larger vase where you can fill with ornaments or other fillers of your choice (cranberries, bows, ribbons, or even Christmas lights!).

DimplePrints_BouqsFlowers5Bouqs is so much different than other online flower companies because Bouqs flowers never sit in a corner store or a dingy warehouse (where they send you the oldest, most-dead flowers they have in the fridge), and they never show up in a van with a 1-800 number on the side. They ship straight from an active volcano or from the sunny surf of California, seriously! An ACTIVE VOLCANO straight from the seller, no warehouses! They’re fresh as fresh can be!

The value piece is key… all other floral companies pitch flowers for $19.99 but rarely offer selection at those prices, then tack on delivery and shipping fees.  For Bouqs, they simplify with simply flat rate pricing – outlined below.  $40 flat rate for Volcano collection (from South America).

DimplePrints_BouqsFlowers3Information on pricing is pretty simple. The Bouqs offer different Bouq sizes and pricing :

For the Volcano Collection (From South America)
•    Original Bouq – $40
•    Deluxe Bouq – $50 (double the blooms of the Original Bouq)
•    Grand Bouq – $70 (triple the blooms of the Original Bouq)
•    Shipping included.
•    Orders take up to 6 days for delivery; deliveries take place Monday – Friday.

For the California Collection:
•    Original Bouq – $50
•    Deluxe Bouq – $60 (double the blooms of the Original Bouq)
•    Shipping included straight from the California coast.
•    Orders can be placed for next day delivery prior to 11:45am PST Monday – Friday.

Love what you see about The Bouqs and want to brighten your or a loved ones holiday table?

Create an account to receive a 20% off promo code, then order your favorite Bouq for your holiday table or to give to a loved one.

DimplePrints_BouqsFlowers10To ensure you or your recipient receive Bouqs on time for the holidays, please place your order prior to the dates below:

Christmas (December 25th):
Order Volcano Bouq by:  December 19, 2013
Order California Bouq by:  December 22, 2013

New Years (December 31st/January 1st):
Order Volcano Bouq by:   December 25, 2013
Order California Bouq by:  December 28, 2013

Something else about the Bouqs that’s pretty cool? All of their bouquets ship with 15% extra blooms to offset any damaged in delivery (usually it’s none, so you get extra Bouq for your buck). For example, if you ordered a dozen roses you would get 14, not just 12! It’s their way of taking care of you and making sure you get exactly what you’re expecting!

The Bouqs source only from eco-friendly, sustainable farms that respect the environment and their workers.

DimplePrints_BouqsFlowers6So now that you have some ideas on great ways to order flowers for Christmas for friends’ Christmas parties or your own, I can now tell you how you can win TWELVE MONTHS of Bouqs! One audience member across all participating communities can win 12 months of Bouqs–think of all of the host gifts and beautiful table settings for a year!

The contest is open to all participating communities and starts on Tuesday, December 10th and runs until 10am PST Monday, December 23rd. The winner will be announced Monday, December 23rd at 3pm.

How to Enter:

  • First, register to The Bouqs to receive their 20% off discount code and browse the site to see all of the great Bouqs they can give as a gift to a gracious host or to use to decorate their table for a party.
  • Then leave a blog post comment below telling me: Who would you gift a Bouqs to, which Bouqs would you choose and why that Bouq is a good gift for them! Give me some details! 🙂

The contest ends on Monday, December 23rd at 10am PST. The Linqia team will select the best comment from all participating blog posts and will announce the winner at 3pm PST Monday, December 23rd. I want OUR blog to have the winner, so be sure to leave good sentimental comments that will get you noticed!

My name is Carli, owner, designer & creative mind behind DimplePrints. I am married to my high school sweetheart & we have 3 wonderful kids. In the beginning I simply started by wanting to share a piece of our lives with loved ones by sending cards & invitations for special occasions. With the support of family, friends & great customers, it has grown into Dimpleprints.


  1. A nice flower decor theme for a birthday party. The flowers from The Bouqs are simply outstanding. Moreover their strategy of distribution of flowers is really good!

  2. Sara Golden says

    I would love to gift either my mom or my mother-in-law any of the bouquets from Bouq, they are all stunning but I think my favorites are Dawn and Rise and Shine. We recently left the military and have been living with my in-laws while my husband commutes four hours a day. We were extremely lucky that he found a job he loves so quickly but the housing market is awful. My mom has gone out of her way to take my boys(1 and 3) as often as she can to make up for lost time. My kiddos love spending time with Nana and Papa, even just a few hours after work. My in-laws have taken us in, two more adults and two kiddos, and our two basset hounds. The dogs have lived with them for over two years now. They graciously offered to keep the dogs while we were stationed in Japan. We turned their lives upside down and they have been amazing about it. I would love to give a Bouq bouquet to thank them for all they have done for us over these past 5 months. What a great giveaway!

  3. That is indeed one beautiful centrepiece. I am pretty much in love with it. And I guess that kind of centrepiece would surely make a great conversation starter.

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