Lucy’s 3rd Puppy Birthday Party

Lucy’s 3rd Puppy Birthday Party is in the books and today we’re sharing all the goodies and fun that were part of her gathering!! Carli went with a primarily black and white patterned party accented with her daughter’s favorite color, purple, as well as hot pink and tennis ball citron “grellow” for fun. As party of the main table Carli used houndstooth, polka dots, stripes, and paw patterns.
Puppy Party by DimplePrints-76Carli used newspaper to create fun medallions for the banners along with custom Puppy Party Printables that she designed herself.

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-67

Tennis balls and dog food bowls adorned the main table, along with a variety of puppy themed treats.

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-68

Tennis ball gumballs were purchased off Amazon to go with the party theme and lots of fun puppy activities were created for the party!

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-65

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-66

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-62

Each guest got a dog bone drinking bottle to hold their drink and take home.

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-56

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-51

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-53

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-47

Lollipups were purchased from Oriental Trading and inserted into cute little boxes full or popcorn.

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-49

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-43

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-40

Pupcakes were served in mini dog houses for guests to eat there or take home with them in a “doggy bag”.

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-41

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-36

Cute chocolate covered Oreos were provided by Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins in paw print and fire hydrant varieties.

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-35

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-29

Sweet Lucy dressed for the part in a cute puppy inspired party outfit…

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-26

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-23

Guests were able to “Adopt a Puppy” by taking home a puppy stuffed animal (ordered from Oriental Trading). Each puppy got a cute rhinestone necklace and an adoption certificate and a box to take them home in.

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-12

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-33

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-54

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-19

Cute puppy balloons were created using vinyl and a Cricut, as well as other cute pawprint and black and white balloons.

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-18

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-16

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-14

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-13

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-10

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Puppy Party by DimplePrints-3

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-2

Of course, hot dogs were served to guests with a variety of dog-gone good toppings.

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-58

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-52

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-38

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-31

Puppy Party by DimplePrints-30Happy 3rd Birthday to sweet Lucy!! Email [email protected] if you have any questions about ordering prints.


DimplePrints-party, pics, printables, styling
Oriental Trading: Black/white stripes popcorn cups, dog stuffed animals, bone rhinestone necklaces, puppy lollipops, bone water bottles, puppy stickers, cupcake boxes, purple gable boxes
Stickers used throughout-
Puppy fabric-Hobby Lobby
My name is Carli, owner, designer & creative mind behind DimplePrints. I am married to my high school sweetheart & we have 3 wonderful kids. In the beginning I simply started by wanting to share a piece of our lives with loved ones by sending cards & invitations for special occasions. With the support of family, friends & great customers, it has grown into Dimpleprints.

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