A bright and sunny snow cone party!

Today our friend Autumn of Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins is sharing her AWESOME Snow Cone Party with us!! To celebrate my niece Madeline turning five, I wanted to do a party theme that hadn’t been done a million times!! Carli from Dimpleprints came up with the idea of doing a snow cone theme!!  She designed a whole printable set based on snow cones!! This party was a huge hit and so fun to … [Read more...]

Lucky in Love St. Patrick’s Day Sweets Table

Hey everyone it's Autumn from Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins!! Happy first week of March!! Today I am excited to bring you a St. Patrick's Day sweets table!! St. Patrick’s Day means more to me than just shamrocks and leprechauns lucky for me it marks my first date and anniversary with my husband. This sweets table was designed to display yummy treats that my hubby and I both love!! Carli of … [Read more...]

Polka Dot Birthday Party

Hey everyone, it’s Autumn from Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins!! This month I am excited to share with you my niece Jazmyne's 1st birthday party!! This party took place on the same day as the mermaid party so the pics aren't great...as you can see it is super bright outside. For this party I really wanted to use a lot of color...so many parties only have two or three colors so I really wanted to … [Read more...]