Simple Valentine’s Wreath

Hi it's Christine here to share a Valentine's craft idea! I wanted to make a cute but simple Valentine's wreath but my first attempt at the wreath involved a pink boa and it was an epic fail so I went to my craft closet and gathered up some new supplies to work with. Yes, I have a craft closet, much to my husband's dismay, little does he know I aspire to someday have a craft room! I'm sure that's … [Read more...]

Festive Fabric Christmas Wreath

Hey everyone! It's Christine here and today I'm sharing how I made this easy and festive Fabric Christmas Wreath! I wanted to make a new Christmas wreath and I am loving how this one turned out! An added bonus, this festive fabric wreath was so easy! It would be fun to switch up the fabrics depending on the holiday or time of year you want represented. Supplies: Styrofoam wreath (I … [Read more...]

Thankful Tree

My family had a great time putting together this thankful tree! I think at times it's hard for us to stop and focus on all the good in our lives so this project was a way for my family to talk about the little and big things we are thankful for. It was too sweet hearing my 5 year old daughter tell me the things she was thankful for, then having my 3 year old son repeat everything she … [Read more...]

Monster Birthday Bash

Hi it's Christine and I'm excited to tell you all about the monster party I planned for my sweet boy! My son Miles turned 3 this month and he decided he wanted to celebrate in a monstrous way! Dimple Prints has a precious monster party package available in different color combinations, it was exactly what I wanted for the party. I loved decorating with all of these bright colors! I … [Read more...]