Sweet Easter Lollipop Covers Tutorial

Another great tutorial from Mariah at Giggles Galore...We recently had an Easter Egg Hunt party and I needed a favor that was simple.  The kids were going to be taking home lots of goodies from the Easter eggs so I didn’t want anything to over the top or complicated.  Of course I had to send them home with something that tied in with our party theme, so I created these sweet lollipop covers. … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger Tutorial: Paper Pinwheel Centerpiece

We have another great post from Mariah over at Giggles Galore as she gets ready for her Easter Egg Hunt this weekend! I can't wait to see it!!! I love pinwheels.  They are so whimsical as they spin around, their colors whirring together; a true childhood delight.  They are also simple to make and add the perfect touch of whimsy to a spring party. … [Read more...]

Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

Remember our post a few weeks ago about the little Mr. Man Shower I'm hosting? I thought I'd post the tutorial on how to make a matching ribbon wreath for your guests to see as they walk into your house. The ribbon wreath is fairly simple, but it does take some time and patience...which many mothers have little of-- especially when planning a party! Regardless, here's how to make your very own … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger: Party Hat Tutorial

Do you remember THIS Strawberry Shortcake birthday party we posted a few weeks ago with the adorable, well...EVERYTHING. Well, Mariah, who did that party, offered to give us a tutorial on how she made the embellished party hats that came with her DimplePrints party package. So take it away Mariah.... I love party hats!  Party hats have been a staple at kids’ birthday parties for ages and they … [Read more...]

Crepe Paper Rose Pom Tutorial

A customer this week sent me pictures of her Dimpleprints party and she had created these darling crepe paper poms. Thanks to the House of Smiths blog, I found a tutorial and thought I'd post it here for you all to see! Such a great idea and alternative to the typical tissue hanging poms!Supplies Needed:Styrofoam Ball FormsCrepe Paper Streamers {Color of your choosing}Glue Gun & Lots of Glue … [Read more...]