Goldfish Valentine

Tonight I'm making these cute Goldfish Valentine's for my son's class party tomorrow! We released these prints last year, but they're still too cute not to use! It's easy too...grab a baggie, fill it with goldfish, and place this topper on top with a staple and you have a cute, non-candy personalized Valentine! Download for free here: … [Read more...]

You’re a Great Catch Valentine

Another Valentine idea today with Mariah from Giggles Galore! Check out her "You're a Great Catch Valentine" idea over on her blog and download the free print!! DOWNLOAD FREE PRINTS HERE … [Read more...]

Valentine You’re Awesomesauce!

Happy almost Valentine's Day! This week we teamed up with fellow party planning blogger, Mariah from Giggles Galore to share with you a ton of great Valentine's Day ideas! This first one is AWESOMESAUCE with this "Valentine You're Awesomesauce" free print!! Visit Mariah's blog for her full post and download the print below! DOWNLOAD HERE … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Blog Hop: Free Valentine’s Day Prints + Erin Condren Giveaway

We're just a few weeks out from Valentine's Day and there are tons of amazing ideas being featured all over blogisphere, which can make picking an idea hard! So lucky for you, we're sharing EVEN more Valentine's Day ideas for you today including TWO Valentine's Day prints for your download! Wahoo! So check out our newest Valentine's Day Prints, then see what our friends came up with (below) and … [Read more...]

Share the Love Blog Hop: Free Valentine’s Day Prints!

Welcome to all our readers from The Cottage Market! Thanks for stopping by!! It's ONE month until Valentine's Day! Are you ready?! Today we're blog hopping around celebrating Valentine's Day with tons of free Valentine's Day prints from your favorite bloggers! Here's some of the fabulous bloggers participating: So Much Better with Age, Craftberry Bush, DIY Showoff, Tried and True Blog, … [Read more...]

Simple Valentine’s Wreath

Hi it's Christine here to share a Valentine's craft idea! I wanted to make a cute but simple Valentine's wreath but my first attempt at the wreath involved a pink boa and it was an epic fail so I went to my craft closet and gathered up some new supplies to work with. Yes, I have a craft closet, much to my husband's dismay, little does he know I aspire to someday have a craft room! I'm sure that's … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Tea Party

We know Valentine's Day has come and passed, but today we're sharing a fun Valentine's Day Tea Party that Christine, our contributor, did for her daughter and some friends. I decided to throw a Valentine’s tea party for my 4-year-old and some of her friends. We’ve taken her to tea before and she loves the fanciness of it all. That girl can put away some tea! She is truly a girly girl who can't … [Read more...]

Valentines for Kids: Homemade Fish Soap

Hi Dimple Prints readers! It's Megan from Coffee Cups and Crayons and I'm excited to be here again this month. We love to make our own valentines and I was so excited to see all the free Valentine's Day printables Carli posted in the shop! We have been wanting to try and make our own soap shapes ever since we made Squishy Snow last month. When I saw the fish valentine printables I had a great … [Read more...]

Fishbowl Valentine FREE PRINT

Gosh, it's been a great week! We've had some great posts from our contributors, great free prints, and had the chance to post on two of our favorite big blogs (see below)! So we thought we'd finish it up with some more free prints! The Fishbowl Valentine got popular last year and I asked Carli to make this print for me to use for my son's classroom Valentine's party, but we never got around to … [Read more...]

Free “You Blow Me Away” and “You’re a Great Catch” Valentine’s Ideas and Prints

Happy Saturday! We've shared a number of free Valentine's prints with you guys this week, but we wanted to remind you of the fun prints we put out last year that our contributor, Thuy, recreated for us this week to share with you all! There are several different ways to share a fun "Blow Me Away" Valentine...balloons... An easy way to spice up the Valentine would be to put pretty bubble gum … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Arrow Push Up Pop with Free Prints

Hi Dimpleprints Reader, it’s Thuy again with My Paper Pinwheel back with a fun push up pop Valentine’s idea! With all the craze of the Push Up Pop, I thought it would be fun to create a push up arrow for Valentine’s day.  Supplies needed: 1 push up pop Gold glitter paper Valentine’s Day color M&M’s or any other sweet treat Baker’s Twine Double Sided Tape Dimpleprints … [Read more...]

“For the Love of Chevron” Valentine’s Party and Free Prints!

Hi everyone!! I’m Autumn Gadbois from  Autumn Lynn’s Sins!! Today’s party: For the Love of Chevron was created using DimplePrints free Valentine’s Day printables!!  This small party has been a vision living in my head for a long time!! I am so excited to bring it to life!! The chevron fabric, wooden letters, and little pink bird are all from Hobby Lobby!!! I made the heart using … [Read more...]

“You’ve Been Hugged & Kissed” Valentine’s Free Print

Hi DimplePrints readers, I’m Thuy with My Paper Pinwheel and I am so excited to be teaming up with DimplePrints as one of their new contributors! Now I know we all heard of being BOOED during Halloween time or even being ELFED during Christmas time so I thought how fun would it be to create something cute to help spread the love during Valentine’s Day so I can up with Valentine’s Day Hugged and … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Candy Heart Trees

Our contributor, Christine, has a great Valentine's craft to share with you this week! I love how fun and simple this idea is and a perfect way to dress up any Valentine's Party! You could also use redhots, gummy candy hearts, or any other fun Valentine's Themed candy! Thanks for sharing Christine!! I am putting together a Valentine's tea party for my four year old daughter and some of her … [Read more...]

Free Valentines Prints

Are you looking for some great free Valentine's Day prints? Don't forget that we have an awesome freebies section with fun free Valentine's prints on there for your use. Here's my faves from last year with the prints below and in the freebies section of our page!! Superhero Valentine Cape courtesy of DimplePrints by dimpleprints     Goldfish Valentines courtesy of DimplePrints … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath

Hi DimplePrints readers, it's Christine, Craft and Party Contributor, from The Real World: Wilmington. I saw a version of this wreath when I was browsing around online and thought it was so adorable that I had to give it a try, and now I have to resist the urge to go out on my front porch to stare at it or repeatedly ask my 4-year-old, "Isn't it pretty?!". It's beautiful and simple to make, a … [Read more...]

Easy Valentine’s Wreath

Are you looking for some quick Valentine's decor without a ton of work  or time commitment? Here's a fun wreath idea that was made without using anything but pretty pink pins to hold everything down. I used a wreath form this time that didn't have the rounded edges to mix it up a bit. What You Need: Wreath form White Fabric--I just bought remnant fabric from JoAnn's Decorative Push … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Freebies

We thought we'd offer our loyal readers some fun and FREE Valentines to print for your kids to use for Valentine's Day this year! We have a BUNCH of free Valentine's to choose from and we even showed you how you could use them! Check it out! Take some goldfish crackers and put them in a Ziploc baggy, then staple the printable over the edges of the baggy. You can do the same thing with Swedish … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day…Free printable sign

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy this free printable sign (5x7) dimpleprintsfreeLOVEprintable5x7 … [Read more...]