Customer Party: Bee Theme

Real quick note...we are always seeking our customers photos from their parties using our prints! It's so fun to see your creativity and we love featuring you on our blog! Email your submissions to Abbey, Media Assistant/Blogger, at [email protected] What we're looking for from submissions: A few party details Bright, clear photos of your event set up, styling, food, details and … [Read more...]

Customer Party: Bumble Bee Baby Shower

What a day, what a son got the hand, foot, and mouth virus yesterday and is pretty much miserable. I can't blame him any. Who's ever even heard of this virus before (not me!). So my day has been spent with a crying toddler. I thought I'd feature a baby shower today as an ode to all mothers and mothers to be that have to deal with weird illnesses and screaming babies. :) This party was … [Read more...]