Mini Mason Jar Apple Pies

Last year for my son's birthday I wanted something different to pair on my dessert table with all the cupcakes, candy, cookies, and rice crispy treats I had. SO I made these cute little mason jar apple pies, added some ribbon around them, and they ended up being the HIT of the party! Some people even took them home haha...  These pies were the most popular of all the desserts I made. I used a … [Read more...]

16 Pin-Worthy Desserts

How many of you have HUGE pinterest boards filled with desserts and foods you want to try out, but rarely have the time for? I have a huge list of must make desserts, but I'd be gaining some serious weight if I tried to make all of them! So for special events I try to choose one I haven't made yet to take along and try out on family, friends, and coworkers. Here's 16 Pin-Worthy desserts that you … [Read more...]